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A lot of criticism and Fred defends Man Utd teammate Antony

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When his teammate Antony of Manchester United and Brazil came under fire for acting cocky in front of Sheriff in the Europa League, Fred jumped to his friend’s defense. Despite a convincing 3-0 victory that included Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal on his comeback, Antony was the focus of the most conversation on a successful evening at Old Trafford.

After the game, Erik ten Hag was questioned about the 22-year-showboating old’s and Paul Scholes even called him a clown for the rather worthless pair of 360-degree spins he performed without any resistance from the opposing defense. In an interview with ESPN, Fred was afterward questioned about the event, and he remained resolute in his support of his friend and colleague.

The United midfielder claimed that being Brazilian is where it all began. Brazilians are born with quality. Since Pelé, having quality, being able to dribble, score, score, dance, and grin have always been expected. People need to grasp this component of who we are, in my opinion. Therefore, what he did wasn’t offensive to anyone. Of course, we’ll approach him in the locker room and have a conversation if it offends. But nobody found it insulting. His game is that. I believe he needs to continue.

When asked how he felt about Scholes and other commentators criticizing Antony for the trick, Fred said, “I find it quite frustrating that they want to say that.” The main issue that angered many spectators, commentators, and supporters were the lack of a respectable outcome to follow Antony’s showboating; after pulling off the spin, he harmlessly sent the ball out for a goal kick. Despite being replaced shortly after, Ten Hag disclosed that he had always intended to remove his high-paying deal. He’ll probably keep his spot in the starting lineup when West Ham comes to town on Sunday.

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