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A football match gone wrong in Indonesia left 129 dead

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There has been a stampede at a domestic football match in the eastern region of Indonesia which led to 129 deaths later Saturday and this is the latest in a while in the history of football stadium tragedies. The nation’s authorities said earlier that people died in Indonesia when the fans watching football flooded the field and police had to intervene with tear gas, this is what triggered the stampede.

The supporters of Arema FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium in the easter region of the city of Malang broke the field on the eve of Saturday after watching their favorite team lose 3-2 against Persebaya Surabaya which was considered the first ever loss in more than two decades of their bitter rival. After two officers were killed, Police had to fire tear gas in order to get the fans off the field and return to their stands. Police characterized this scene as Riots.

Many victims were crushed to death by the police. 129 people died at this scene and out of which two of whom were police officers. A total of 34 people died on the spot at the stadium and the rest were taken to the hospital however they died at the hospital. Nico Afinta of East Java Police Chief said in a statement made on Sunday. Afinta also added that a lot of people died when they were running for their lives towards a single exit.

There were images taken at the sight inside the stadium that shows a lot of people running and others were crushed beneath them as tear gas was on fire. Still, there were many people who were trying to stop the chaos and help others move to safety. The Indonesian government apologized for the incident that took and also promised that they will investigate the surroundings at the stadium.

The football association of Indonesia (PSSI) has already suspended the upcoming matches for one week. They also banned Arema FC from hosting any matches at their home stadium for the rest of the tournament season. It has always been seen that the fan’s rivalries since the beginning in Indonesia can also turn deadly and this becomes miserable causing chaos. There are a few matches where the same scene of fan fights can be seen where the players have to take heavy protection when they travel away from the games.

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