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5 Indian football Portals to refer for soccer news

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It is important to stay up to date with all major events being a football enthusiast. This sport is bigger than it sounds, there are a lot of football events that take place in every corner of the world, and it is difficult to keep a hand on them at the same time. Therefore, many websites have dedicated their content to football providing timely updates on the game. We have listed 5 Indian football Portals you can refer to know the latest soccer news.

1 GoalMaestro.com

GoalMaestro delivers the latest news from the world of football at your fingertips, from major transfers, to transfer rumors, injuries, and even match and tournament previews. This portal is always a step ahead in the delivery of all the major league information. Currently, it is covering major news on Euro 2020 alongside the current happenings of football associations like UEFA, FIFA, and the All India Football Federation. 

2 MadOverFootball.com

MadOverFootball is a football-oriented website that is ideal for anyone looking for a source of football news. It walks along with the latest football match news, be it fixture lists, game summaries, and highlights, it has it all. It also helps the audience to check on their favorite player or favorite football club. It never misses any media interaction, transfer news, league updates, predictions, and lineups. 

3 FootballChase.com

FootballChase is always ahead in the race to provide you insights on players or teams and insider rumours about potential transfers. This website chases information on the Indian football team while it has a great hand in offering you international football news. Football Chase makes sure that their readers never miss on latest soccer news regarding players, clubs, match fixtures, match highlights, football staff, and their media comments.

4 TheFootballIndia.com

The Football India reports news of the football world, right from match highlights, player updates, dressing room gossip to transfer news, you get everything under one roof. This website definitely has a take on Indian football but is also best in covering international football. You can not miss on your favorite players, clubs, and their management, staying updated on leagues and upcoming matches.   

5 LiveMatchUpdates.com

Live Match Updates strive to bring on soccer insights, player transfer news, football fixtures, and match updates. It understands that fans do not have much time to keep track of every football match hence it serves its readers with the latest football news. It is no secret that English football has all the attention, hence, Live Match Updates also provide Indian football news concerning the Indian football team and its players. 

We believe these are the 5 Indian Football portals one should refer to have easy access to soccer news. We suggest our readers to follow and subscribe to the mentioned portals as well to stay connected with football. Beyond100yards is 24/7 engaged in football and promises you to deliver such information and every minute detail of soccer. 

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